Michele Ann Ivanov

Realtor® Associate

(239) 825-2415


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As you begin your search for your new home, decide to sell your current house, or something in between the professionals with whom you work need to be able to provide expert knowledge and advice to you.

As your REALTOR® , I am going to give you 100% of my attention throughout the entire process. From the very first contact and throughout all years thereafter, I will be committed to handling all of your real estate needs.

I grew up on Long Island, NY and moved to Naples, FL in 2003. I raised 2 children, ages 17 and 16. I have been blessed with a wonderful circle of friends and professional business associates to whom I have grown very close.

One of best mentors told me, “You do not need to know everything, you just need to surround yourself with enough people who do”

I have also formed Becknet, LLC. which will obtain a non-profit status shortly and support people who need help with organizing their lives, creating a fresh start, tying up some loose ends and ultimately achieving the American dream of becoming a homeowner.

Everyone deserves the chance to become a homeowner. If you can afford to pay rent in this area, you can afford a mortgage. Many people are either intimidated, do not have the time, believe their credit is not good enough, think the process too hard or just do not know where to begin. My goal is for Becknet, LLC to offer programs and services for people who are ready to make the shift towards achieving the dreams and plans they once had that were somehow lost or misplaced in this thing called life.